The Shepherd's Voice
Archbishop Joseph Naumann teaches the Catholic Faith by interviewing Catholics who live it.
The Archbishop and His Mother- Christmas Encore

Archbishop Naumann interviews his mother, Louise Naumann.  And the two discuss his childhood from the murder of his father before he was born to his first callings to the priesthood.  This is a poignant and humorous view of our shepherd from the vantage of his first teacher of the Faith, his mother.

This show was recorded in December 2010 and premiered January 2011.

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Naumann interviews Angie Bittner, the new Rural Youth Ministry Outreach Coordinator.  The two talk about the Faith needs of country kids and how the Church is reaching out.

Learn more at: RURAL YOUTH

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TAJCI part 2

Naumann interviews singer/songwriter Tajci and her husband Mathew Cameron about their amazing faith journey and how they evangelize the culture through song. This is their second interview.

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TAJCI part 1

Naumann interviews singer/songwriter Tajci and her husband Mathew Cameron about their amazing faith journey and how they evangelize the culture through song.

Tajci will be performing December 5, 2013 at Prince of Peace at 7:00 pm

You can find out more by going to her website:

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God's Classroom: Prairie Star Ranch

Archbishop interviews Greg Wellnitz, director of Prairie Star Ranch.  They discuss how God speaks to us through nature and how a proper understanding of environmentalism leads us closer in friendship with God.  

Prairie Star Ranch is open all year long and is a great resource to Catholics in the Archdiocese.

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Our Lady of Ephesus

Archbishop Naumann interviews Bill Quatman president of the American Society of Ephesus.  Naumann shares of his recent pilgrimage to the home where many believe the Virgin Mary lived out her last days on earth under the care of St. John.  Bill Quatman shares how his family has been helping to preserve the sacred sites in and around Ephesus, Turkey for over a generation. The two discuss how Ephesus is a remarkable place of pigrimage for both Christians and Muslims alike.

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Purgatory, Remembering the Forgotten Church

In anticipation of All Saints day and All Souls day, Archbishop Naumann and his liturgist, Michael Podrebarac discuss the doctrine of Purgatory and why we pray for the dead.  As well, they take up the question of indulgences.

Halloween comes from All Hallows Eve or the evening before all saints day.  So this is as close as we come to a Halloween show.

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Archbishop Naumann interviews Dr. Coleen Kelly Mast about her upcoming visit to Kansas City.



Saturday, Nov. 2   8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Savior Pastoral Center, Kansas City

Don't miss this exciting day with a nationally-known speaker, author and radio host. Topics:

  • Unity or Division in Marriage - They Call Us the Opposite Sex for a Reason!
  • Raising Love-Wise Kids - Practical tips for educating children in sexuality so that they can remain innocent without being ignorant.

More information    Download brochure    Download flyer

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Urban Youth Ministry

Archbishop Naumann interviews Liz Halfmann, the new urban youth outreach coordinator about how the Church is working to form young disciples in KCK.

Friend them on Facebook by going to REACHKCK

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Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Archbishop Naumann interviews Diane Olsen about how the Montesorri method is applied to teaching the Faith to young children. If you are a parent or grandparent you will want listen to this fascinating discussion on how we can teach our kids the Faith and what they have to teach us about being in relationship with Jesus.

Find out more about the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

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