The Shepherd's Voice
Archbishop Joseph Naumann teaches the Catholic Faith by interviewing Catholics who live it.

Archbishop concludes his reflection on the Bread of Life discourse found in the 6th chapter of the Gospel of John.  He reflects upon how how the doctrine of the True Presence  startled his first followers and yet the early Church believed from the very beginning that Jesus is physically and divinely present in the Eucharist.

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Archbishop Naumann reflects on the gift of the Eucharist that many Catholics miss because they don't quite believe in Christ's real presence.

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Archbishop Naumann continues to walks us through the "Bread of Life Discourse" in the Gospel of John by exploring the ramifications of the Real Presence.

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Archbishop Naumann dialogues with Sr. Briege McKenna about her vocation and experiences of Christ's healing through the Eucharist.  They discuss the need for revival in  Eucharistic Amazement among Catholics because as Sister says, "Christ does not need to be defended, He just needs to be proclaimed."

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Archbishop Naumann interviews Mary Hasson, JD, co-founder of the Person Identity Project, whose mission is to assist the Catholic Church in promoting the Catholic vision of the human person and responding to the challenges of gender ideology.

They dialogue about how as Christians we are called to be apostles of love and of truth, and how someone cannot do one without the other.  True compassion is always grounded in reality and one cannot truly love another by condoning a falsehood.

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