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The Shepherd's Voice

Oct 2, 2020

Archbishop Naumann interviews first-time author Julie Overlease about her book Hope Upon Impact, as she tells the story of God's grace in a time of family crisis.  Special guest, Bishop James Coneley joins the discussion as well.

On the lovely spring afternoon of April 20, 2018, a backyard tree cracked, and a heavy limb fell. 12-year-old Evelyn suffered a devastating blow to her head as she shielded her puppy. A significant, compressed skull fracture required emergency neurosurgery. This freak, life-threatening event shook the Overlease family to the core, and an unbelievable experience was instantly set in motion that may take a lifetime to fully understand.
The astounding details surrounding Evelyn’s accident, medical care, and recovery are crazier than fiction. First-time author Julie Overlease tells the story in close detail, with frankness and honesty. This is a book of hope and miracles, in which Evelyn’s mother tells a story of faith in action during a time of crisis, of prayer through pain and darkness, of devoted friendship, and the great goodness and love of God.