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The Shepherd's Voice

Sep 8, 2010

Archbishop interviews Deacon Vince Huber and Deacon Charles Kallal two of the four transitional deacons recently ordained by the Archbishop.  They share their personal faith stories and insights into the spiritual life as they talk about the unique charism of the Apostles of the Interior Life.  Hear about this unique order and what a special gift we have in having them in the archdiocese.

This show premeired on August 31, 2010 on Catholic Radio KEXS 1090 am .

Kent Ferris, SFO
over twelve years ago

I travelled with Bill on the trip. Thank you, Archbishop Nauman and the people of your archdiocese for sharing Bill with us for the 10 days! I was able to sit in on many of the interviews he conducted and our conversations were invaluable in processing the journey! Pat et Bonum! Kent Ferris, SFO, Director of Social Action and Catholic Charities, Diocese of Davenport