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The Shepherd's Voice

Feb 23, 2012

Archbishop Nauman interviews Fr. Ric Halvorson and Lesle Knop about the Archdiocese's annual appeal.

The Mission of the Archbishop’s Call to Share

The universal church in its mission has responded to the mandate of Christ to “Go out and teach all nations.” The Archbishop’s Call to Share supports our response to this mission on the local level, by providing for the ministries that work to fulfill this mandate. Together we respond as disciples to the words and example of Christ.

In fiscal year 2012/2013 at least $4,400,000.00 will be needed to fund invaluable archdiocesan programs. Your gift will be distributed to benefit ministries and organizations within the Catholic church of Northeast Kansas. The funded areas fall into four categories: Pastoral Needs, Education, Charity, and Clergy.