The Shepherd's Voice
Archbishop Joseph Naumann talks about the Catholic Faith by interviewing Catholics who live it.

Naumann dialogues with Michael Schuttloffel, Executive Director of the Kansas Catholic Conference about the Supreme Court's recent ruling mandating same-sex "marriage".  As well they discuss the advocacy work of the Church.

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Naumann interviews Marcus Kain about a new grief support group for young adults ages 18-40.  Marcus shares his own grief journey and some do's and don't's when consoling friends who mourn.   

The six week program will start Monday August 17th.  For more information or to join people can contact Marcus Kain at:



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Naumann interviews Beverly Collins about the upcoming Healing Heart Retreat.  This retreat is for women 20 and up who have suffered from any kind of sexual trauma be it rape, sexual molestation or harrasment.  The archbishop and she dialogue candidly  about the incredible hurt that only Christ can heal and the power of joining our hurt to his sacred suffering on the Cross.

The Healing Heart Retreat happens Friday evening August 21st till Sunday Afternoon August 23rd.

Contact Deacon Tony Zimmerman or Mary Ann Kierl to register or for more details at:



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Naumann interviews his Consultant for Marriage and Family Life, Deacon Tony Zimmerman.  They discuss the Pope's upcoming visit to the US for the World Meeting of Families and the beauty of Christ's vision for married love and family. As well, they discuss the great resources  availble to couples through the Marriage and Family Life Office.

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Naumann talks to Fr. Strobl, the director of evangelization about the reality on the ground regarding America's changing religious landscape according to the Pew study.

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Naumann interviews Fr. Gary Pennings and Denise Ogilvie about the how the Archdiocese is discerning a shared vision for the Church in Northeast Kansas.  They reflect upon what has been achieved in the last 10 years and with the Holy Spirit's guidance what can be achieved in the next.


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Naumann interviews several little brothers from the Community of the Lamb.  They discuss their way of life, their service to the Church  and the building of a new small monastery for men in KCK's urban core.



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Archbishop Naumann talks to marriage mentors, Dianne and David Mallari about the Living in Love marriage enrichment program.

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Naumann interviews Clinical Psycologist, Dr. Jacque Pfeifer.  They discuss the upcoming Gathering for Mental Health that will train clergy and faith leaders on how to help families coping with mental illness.  

The Church is working with community leaders to de-stigmatize mental illness so people can get the help they need.



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Archbishop Naumann talks to Consultant for Liturgy, Michael Podrebarac about how Catholics can grow in their friendship with Christ by intentionally celebrating the liturgies of Holy Week.

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