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The Shepherd's Voice

Oct 21, 2022

Archbishop Naumann talks with Michael Poderbarac of the Worship and Liturgy office  about Transcendence in the Liturgy.



Oct 14, 2022

Archbishop dialogues with Catherine (Suprenant) Cheney the  new Director of City on a Hill.

“City on a Hill is an apostolate that reaches over 2,000 young adults on a yearly basis. With over 600 engaged members (weekly or biweekly involvement) and 100 young adults in formal leadership roles, City on a Hill is one of...

Oct 6, 2022

Archbishop Naumann interviews Susie Boster a foster care respite provider and Deb Niesen of the Pro-Life Office about how Catholics can discern becoming foster parents and supporting families who open their homes to kids in need by starting a Foster Care Ministry at their parish.

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