The Shepherd's Voice
Archbishop Joseph Naumann teaches the Catholic Faith by interviewing Catholics who live it.
Catholic Charities at Christmas

Archbishop Naumann interviews Jan Lewis, President & CEO, and Wendy Doyle, Executive VP of Development for Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas.  In the show they talk about how at Christmas time Catholics give to the ministry of Catholic Charities.  They also discuss the wonderful annual Snow Ball gala that happens later in January.  Jan Lewis shares some of the many ways in which Charities transforms lives through programs like "Marriage for Keeps" and Emergency Assistance by taking a strengths-base approach to case management.  

Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas 

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Archbishop Naumann interviews Dan and Mary Sutherland who were lead by the Rosary to make conscientious stand in their business.

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Bishop Ward Campus Ministry

Archbishop Naumann interviews Renee Winkel and Annie Tompkins about Bishop Ward's dynamic campus ministry.  They discuss  the importance of having a real relationship with Jesus Christ and how Bishop Ward High School helps teens enter into such a relationship through a lifestyle of prayer.

Click to learn about the Bishop Ward Campus Ministry

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Advent in the Year of Faith

Archbishop Naumann Interviews some of the staff who have been helping him implement the Faith Initiative.   

Lesle Knop and Tim Chik discuss some of the many programs and options for Catholics in the archdiocese to grow in their marriage, family, and faith lives in this year of Faith

Faith Initiative

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Children of our Tears, Apostolate of the Marian Mantle Group

Archbishop Naumann interviews Mary Ann Gardner of the Marian Mantle Group.  Marian Mantle is a prayer support group and outreach for Catholics who share a common heartache because someone they love has left the Faith.

Archbishop shares the important role parents play as co-creators with God in the lives of their children.  He also discusses the significance of St. Monica whose prayers brought her son, St. Augustine, back in to Faith in a big way.

For more information visit:

The Marian Mantle Group

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Archbishop Naumann interviews Dr. Melissa Colbern founder and director of Topeka's new pregnancy resource center.

Dr. Colbern shares how devotion to the Virgin Mary and some brave preaching by her parish priest lead her to this exciting new apostolate.

Find our more about the work of Mary's Choices Pregnancy Resource Center

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Archbishop Naumann interviews Fr. Jerry Spencer who recently retired as Chaplain at KU Med after serving over 45 years.

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Archbishop Naumann interviews Virgil Dechant, former Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus.  Mr. Dechant shares tales from his storied career and the Knights new battle to champion the cause of religious freedom.

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Emotional Virtue-Reclaiming Virtue for a Drama Free Life

Archbishop Naumann interviews Sarah Swafford about how to find the person of your dreams by becoming worthy of that person.  Naumann and Swafford share practical advice on dating and courtship that every young person needs to hear.  Naumann also reflects upon the the false notion of love that our culture perpetuates and how the Gospel has a better answer. 

For more great ideas and insight go to Sarah Swafford's website

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Bishop Ward High School- a tradition of excellence in the urban core

Archbishop Naumann discusses the legacy and future of Ward High School with Fr. Hermes, president of Ward High School. 

Archbishop shares how and why the Archdiocese will be increasing its support of this historic Catholic school.  Fr. Hermes reflects upon the dynamic ministry of Ward to form tomorrow's leaders.

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St. Kateri's Canonization- Archdiocesan Pilgrimage to Rome

Archbishop Naumann interviews Rose Hammes about the upcoming pilgrimage to Rome to witness the Canonization of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha.

Naumann reflects upon how each of us is called to be a saint.

This amazing trip to welcome the first Native American from our nation to the Canon of Saints  will be led by Msgr. Tom  Tank, Dcn. Dana Nearmyer, and Debbie Nearmyer. 

For more information:

Canonization of Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha
October 18 - 26, 2012

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Archbishop Naumann commemorates Natural Family Planning week with Brad and Libby Dupont and a discussion with a medical doctor about the ecology of human sexuality. 

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Archbishop Naumann interviews Fr. Joseph Chontos about his ministy at a Topeka area juvenile prison.  The two reflect upon the blessings and challenges of this kind of ministry, and the transformative grace God gives to all involved.


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Rally for Religious Freedom part 2

Archbishop Naumann continues his conversation with Michael Schuttloffel on the HHS mandate and also interviews his communications director, Rose Hammes and CFO, Jerry Mayne about the implications of the mandate for the Catholic Church, and religious freedom in the United States.

Archishop and the Bishops of Kansas are urging Catholics and people of good will to "make any sacrafice necessary" to join them at the Rally for Religious Freedom, Friday June 29th from 2:00-3:30 on the South steps of the Topeka Capitol Building

Visit the Archdiocesan Webpage for more information.

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Religious Freedom Rally part 1

Archbishop Naumann interviews Michael Schuttloffel, executive director of the Kansas Catholic Conference of Bishops, about the upcoming Rally for Religious Freedom, Friday, June 29th on the South steps of the Topeka Capitol Building.

Naumann speaks out about the unprecedented attack upon the first amendment that the HHS Mandate poses and how the Pope shares his concerns for religious freedom in America and the world.

The Archbishop is urging Catholics and Americans who want to preserve the Freedom of Religion to join him Friday June 29th from 2-3:30pm.

For more information visit

the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas website

and go to The Kansas Catholic Conference

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The Charismatic Movement in the Archdiocese

Archbishop Naumann interviews Fr. Anthony Ouellette, the Spiritual Moderator of the Charismatic Renewal, about how the Holy Spirit renews the Chruch in Northeast Kansas. 

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Cultivating Sacredness in Your Family Life

Archbishop Naumann interviews Dana and Debbie Nearmyer about how to share your relationship with God and make Jesus a part of the family.  Archbishop shares stories from his growing up and how the family is a crucial mission field that spreads the Gospel accross time.  The Nearmyer's keep it real by sharing how the Faith grounds their family in the hectic pace of post-modern life and offer pratical lessons on how to be present to your kids.

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The HHS Contraceptive Mandate

Archbishop Naumann interviews Dr. Laura Reilly, MD, about the Contraceptive Mandate recently handed down by the Obama administration.  They discuss how this mandate is an unprecedented attack upon religious freedom and the dire impact it will have upon Catholic doctors, hospitals, and institutions.

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Archbishop Naumann interviews Bob Vohs, John Meuhlberger, and Dan Spencer Sr. about the work of Serra Clubs to promote and support vocations to the priesthood and religious life. 

Serra Clubs in the Archdiocese

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Archbishop Naumann discusses his recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Mike Scherschligt . They share the miracles and grace they experienced on the trip and how as Christians we are called to see our whole lives as a pilgrimage: a journey to communion with God.

School of Faith is hosting another Holy Land Pilgrimage,  June 8th - June 19th, 2012

To Learn more click here:

Holy Land Pilgrimage

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Ad Limina

Archbishop Nauman and his Vicar General, Father Gary Pennings discuss their recent Ad Limina visit with Pope Benedict XVI.  The Ad Limina is a pilgimage that bishops make about every 5 to 7 years in which they  report to the Pope and Vatican officials  the state of the Church in their diocese and pray at the tomb of St. Peter.

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The New Faces at Marriage & Family Life

Archbishop Naumann interviews the most recent addition to the archdiocesan Marriage and Family Life team, Brad and Libby DuPont.

The DuPont's discuss with Archbishop how they help couples acheive a good married life by growing in a good Faith life, all of which carries over to having an even better family life.

No matter where you are in married life; Brad and Libby can help.

Marriage and Family Life

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Archbishop Nauman interviews Fr. Ric Halvorson and Lesle Knop about the Archdiocese's annual appeal.

The Mission of the Archbishop’s Call to Share

The universal church in its mission has responded to the mandate of Christ to “Go out and teach all nations.” The Archbishop’s Call to Share supports our response to this mission on the local level, by providing for the ministries that work to fulfill this mandate. Together we respond as disciples to the words and example of Christ.

In fiscal year 2012/2013 at least $4,400,000.00 will be needed to fund invaluable archdiocesan programs. Your gift will be distributed to benefit ministries and organizations within the Catholic church of Northeast Kansas. The funded areas fall into four categories: Pastoral Needs, Education, Charity, and Clergy.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Archbishop Naumann and Father Harry Schneider discuss the great gift of confession and the Archdiocesan initiative to promote the sacrament during Lent. 

Listen as the Archbishop and an experienced pastor share a priest's perspective on the sacrament of reconciliation and give some practical advise on how to get the most out of confession.  You'll feel like the Archbishop is your own personal spiritual advisor.

During Lent 2012, confessions will be heard in the Kansas parishes of the Archdiocese  on Wednesdays from 6-7.

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Archbishop Naumann interviews Jan Lewis, President and CEO of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, about the Food Stamp Challenge.

The Foodstamp Challenge is a way of fasting that brings us into solidarity with the poor by eating on the same budget as those who must rely soley on food stamps to feed their families.  It starts February 19th and coincides with the beginning of Lent.

Join Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas’ President and CEO Jan Lewis and take the
Food Stamp Challenge to spend only $4.50 on food per person, per day.

Sunday, February 19 through Saturday, February 25
Live for one week on the average food stamp allotment - $31.50, or $4.50 per day.


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Archbishop Naumann interviews Jim Leiker about Light of the World.  A formation program that equips Catholics to live and share the Faith

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Archbishop Naumann talks about the Christian virtue of chastity and dialogues with Rick Cheek of the youth office about the challenges facing young people in today's culture.  All of this is to highlight the upcoming Youth for Truth conference featuring Jason Everet coming to the Kansas City area January 27th and 28th 2012.  For more information visit:

Held in conjunction with the Youth for Truth Conference is one for men and one for women.

You can find out more and register by going to: 

Men of Valor

Women of Virtue

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