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Archbishop Joseph Naumann teaches the Catholic Faith by interviewing Catholics who live it.

Archbishop Naumann shares some rosary reflections on forgiveness in conversation with Mike Scherschligt of the Holy Family School of Faith while they pray the rosary with Chuck Jansen of Forgiveness Institute KC.

"We are not to be purveyors of vengeance, but as St. Paul says we are called to be ambassadors of mercy." 


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Archbishop Naumann shares some rosary reflections on forgiveness in conversation with Mike Scherschligt of the Holy Family School of Faith while they pray the rosary with Chuck Jansen of Forgiveness Institute KC.

"We are not to be purveyors of vengeance, but as St. Paul says we are called to be ambassadors of mercy." 


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Naumann talks with Cari Olberding and Denise Ogilvie of Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas about how COVID has increased need while also decreasing volunteers.

They discuss how Catholic Charities has adapted and how people can safely volunteer to help the Church make the love of Jesus tangible through works of mercy.

Special in-studio guest: Bishop James Conley.

Learn more about volunteering at Catholic Charities

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Naumann interviews author Chris Greco about his new book,  8 Steps to Overcoming Adversity.

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Naumann dialogues with Louis Brown about racism.

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Archbishop Naumann interviews legal scholar, Elizabeth Kirk, about the Value Them Both amendment and what is at stake in the upcoming primaries and election.   

They explore how an over-reaching Kansas state supreme court decision has virtually nullified every regulation of abortion in state, and so has made Kansas the most pro-abortion state in America.  


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Archbishop Naumann interviews Msgr. Stuart Swetland, president of Donnelly College.

Donnelly College is a Catholic institution of higher education that seeks to continue the mission of Jesus Christ in our time by making the love of God tangible in our world.

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Naumann dialogues with Fr. Dan Weger about the challenges, opportunities, and approaches to ministering in the midst of a pandemic.

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Archbishop Naumann interviews Deacon Dana Nearmyer about precautions and changes to this year's Camp Tekakwitha due to the Covid 19 pandemic.


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Archbishop Naumann dialogues with Ann Halpine, director of FEMM, which stands for Fertility, Education and Medical Managment.  They discuss how new science and self-monitoring techniques are empowering women to work with their bodies to achieve optimal health and stewardship of their fertility.


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Naumann interviews Jennifer Fulwiler about her recent comedy tour and her new book:   Your Blue Flame, Drop the Guilt and Do What Makes You Come Alive.

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Archbishop Naumann dialogues with two members of his new Foster Care Taskforce: Heather Roberts of Catholic Charities and Susie Boster a foster care provider.  They discuss the need for more foster families along with all the joys and challenges fostering; and call upon Catholics to consider becoming foster parents and/or supporting those who do.

Naumann shares: "Part of the mission of the Church is to make the love of Christ real and tangible in the world, wherever it is needed."

To find out more go to:


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Archbishop Naumann dialogues with Chuck Weber, executive director of the Kansas Catholic Conference about the Value Them Both Amendment, which returns to voters the right to pass reasonable regulations to abortion.  This conversation was recorded on March 16th when the coronavirus social distancing orders were going into effect.

They discuss how the Kansas Supreme court through its Hodes v. Schmidt decision has unleashed limitless abortion upon the state and so the only recourse Kansans have is to pass an amendment to the state constitution. The  Value Them Both amendment is not a ban, but simply ensures the people can place basic regulations to protect both mothers and babies.





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Archbishop Naumann talks about the Coronavirus Pandemic and how we as a Church can respond.

“ We are going to make it through this, and what we do know is that Jesus is with us. He has promised to be with the Church through all times. And so, we should have that expectation: that the Lord is going to reveal himself in different ways at this particular moment in time, and give us opportunities to encounter him and bring his love to the world."

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Naumann interviews Brooke Choquette, one of the lead organizers for the KC GIVEN Gathering, which is a one-day conference that will empower young adult women aged 18-35 to embrace their gifts and more fully live out their authentic femininity.

KC GIVEN happens Saturday, March 28th at St. James Academy in Lenexa, KS.

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Naumann dialogues with Tom Racunas, special needs consultant about the many opportunities and ways that Catholics across the archdiocese are fostering a culture of belonging and support  for Catholics with disabilities and their families.

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Virgil Decant, the longest serving Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus passed away February 15, 2020.  He was a native Kansan and was from the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. 

Archbishop Naumann interviewed Mr Dechant back in October of 2012.  Mr. Decant  shared tales from his storied career and the Knights new battle to champion the cause of religious freedom.

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Naumann interviews Dr. Mike Scherschligt, from School of Faith, about their  Rosary Podcast and how the rosary is not just a great way to grow in faith but to share the faith.

Every evening, Dr. Mike Scherschligt gathers with family and friends to say the Rosary - and thousands of people throughout the world join him. These daily Rosary meditations are perfect for your daily commute or morning coffee listening.


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Archbishop Naumann dialogues with Brad Grabs founder and executive director of The Learning Club along with volunteer coordinator Sebastian Scholl.  They discuss how this after-school volunteer tutoring program transforms the lives of both the students and the adults, and  how many in the Catholic community are growing closer to Christ by this encounter. 

The Learning Club helps under-served children realize their full potential through one-on-one tutoring and mentoring as well as enriching activities designed to advance their academic achievement, social development, and leadership skills.  ​Located in the urban core of Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri, we serve children and youth through in-school, after-school, and summer programs. ​

Believing that each child is inherently good and immensely valuable, we strive to create an environment in our classrooms and in our neighborhoods where it is easier for youth to be good, to dream, and to succeed.

The Learning Club's mission is to provide a positive, pivotal educational experience for the children in Kansas City who need it most.



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Naumann dialogues with Geoffrey Rogers about his new film, Blind Eyes Opened, a documentary that exposes the problem of human sex trafficking in America.  

Many faith communities are organizing screenings of this film which shows how the power of faith in Christ coupled with awareness can bring healing and deliverance.  It also mobilizes the people of God to confront this modern day form of slavery.

To arrange a screening contact Fathom Events.

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Naumann dialogues with professor Joseph Pearce about how the great books of literature  can bring Catholics  to a higher level of love and understanding for our Faith.

Pearce is the author of Literature: What Every Catholic Should Know. 

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Often we are tempted to think of migrants and refugees as liabilities for our communities and this prejudice turns out to most often not be the case. Archbishop Naumann brings a human voice to the Immigration debate by interviewing a DREAMER and a refugee for National Migration Week.  CC and Deacon Nguyen both share their stories of coming to America as children and how the Church has helped them develop into valuable contributors to our community.


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