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Archbishop Joseph Naumann teaches the Catholic Faith by interviewing Catholics who live it.

Naumann interviews Deb Niesen, Archdiocesan Pro-Life Consultant, and two young people traveling on this years Pilgrimage for Life.

Every January, a caravan of buses filled with youth, travels from Kansas City to Washington D.C., to March for Life, which happens this year on January 18th 

This year we are sponsoring two groups a high school group and a young adult group,   Both trips are near capacity but they can we can still take a few.

For Information on both trips visit: and click the March-for-Life banner.

For Information on both trips visit: and click the March-for-Life banner.  To register at this point it is best to call the archdiocese

  • FOR YOUNG ADULT TRIP: Emily Lopez at 913-647-0323 or
  • FOR YOUTH TRIP: Call Rick Cheek or Donna Coleman 913-647-0351




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Naumann interviews Father Gilson Sobriero who founded the Franciscan Poor of Jesus in Brazil.  This order of brothers and sisters actively serves the poor in Kansas City, Kansas.

Father Gilson speaks in Portuguese with translation help from Sister Magdalena.  


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Naumann interviews Lauren Solidum, the new CEO for Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas.  They discuss how this charitable arm of the Church mobilizes to put love into action.  

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