The Shepherd's Voice
Archbishop Joseph Naumann teaches the Catholic Faith by interviewing Catholics who live it.

Nauman interviews Andy Marso and  they exlore suffering from the perspective of the Cross.

Andy Marso is an award-winning journalist and a survivor of a rare form of meningitis that nearly killed him and resulted in amputations of parts of all of his limbs.  He writes about this experience and how it impacted his Faith life in his book: Worth the Pain: How Meningitis Nearly Killed Me - Then Changed My Life for the Better




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The Poor of Jesus

Naumann interviews Sr. Magdalena and Sr. Maria Goretti about the work of the Fraternity of the Poor of Jesus.

This religious order from Brazil is reaching out to the homeless and troubled youth of Kansas City in Kansas.




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Missionary Moms

Naumann interviews Olivia Steer and Emma Frosini about how they evangelize the world as wives and mothers utilizing the strategy of win, build, send.  


More about Olivia's work.


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Evangelized Kansas

Naumann interviews Fr. Andrew Strobl and Betsy Helow, the new staff at the Office of Evangelization.  

They discuss the evangelization strategy of Win, Build, Send and how as Catholics we don't need a formal education to talk about Jesus, we just need to love Christ and share that love with others.

The Office for Evangelization has some great training events coming up. So check out their workshops.

Fr. Strobl also has a great blog Evangelized Kansas that features  many notable Catholic writers.

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