The Shepherd's Voice
Archbishop Joseph Naumann teaches the Catholic Faith by interviewing Catholics who live it.

Naumann Dialogues with Chuck Jansen founder of the Forgiveness Institute KC about the challenges and rewards of forgiving those who have hurt us.  The holidays are often a time when we come into contact with the opportunity to give, get or facilitate forgiveness with friends and family.  Jansen shares helpful insights on how to bring about the transforming power of forgiveness into our lives.

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Naumann debriefs with some St. James Academy high school delegates about the Enflame our Hearts Convocation. He interviews  Abby of St Joseph parish and Matthew of St. Michael the Archangel about the joys and tribulations of evangelizing as young person in our culture.  Deb Nearmyer, Director of Faith Formation at St. James also joins the discussion by sharing insights about partnering with youth in creating a culture of evangelization. 


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