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Protecting God's Children

"Our desire is that the Church would be the safest place in all of society and culture for our children".  So states Archbishop Joseph Naumann as he begins his interveiw with two of the people who help him keep our kids safe in Church settings: Fr. John Riley, Chancellor and Safe Environment Coordinator and Rita Herken the Virtus Training Coordinator.  Virtus is an ongoing training that equips people to be vigilant and empowers them to report concerns about issues affecting children's safety.

All people working with children in the archdiocese, including clergy, employees, and volunteers must go through a background check and be Virtus trained.  To date over 20,000 people have been Virtus trained in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.

Archbishop Naumann shares his firm commitment to preventing sexual abuse in the Church by creating a safe environment for children and everyone involved in serving youth.  Fr. Riley and Rita Herken share how people can report concerns and the archdiocese's extensive efforts to enable and encourage such reporting. 

There are a number of Virtus Trainings coming up in the area:

The learn more or to register go to the archdiocesan website: and click on the "Virtus To Protect God's Children" link.

Virtus is not just a great training for volunteers, it is also a great training if you are a parent.

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